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Model No.: axial-flow-check-valve

China Valves Manufacturer offers axial flow check valve.

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Key Specifications / Features

Type: Axial Flow Check Valve
Material: A536,A126,WCB,LCB,CF8,CF8M.CF3.CF3M,CN7M,904L
Size: 1/2″ (DN15) – 80″ (DN2000)
Design: BS1868 or ASME B16.34
Design pressure: ASME B16.34, EN 1092-1, ISO 17292
Temperature Range: -29°C to 180°C 
Suitable Medium: Water,Gas,Air And Some Corrosive Liquid
Pressures range: PN20 (ANSI 150) to PN420 (ANSI 2500)

What is a axial flow check valve

Axial flow check valve, also known as through-flow check valve. It is a valve that relies on the flow of the medium itself and automatically opens and closes the valve flap to prevent the backflow of the medium. the product has the functions of a general check valve. it is also designed with a damping spring. in addition. the axial flow check valve in the structure of the axial flow shuttle structure. to overcome the shortcomings of the general check valve in the low back pressure poor sealing performance. with a unique axial flow shuttle The structure has the advantages of small flow resistance. large flow coefficient. small size. etc. It is the preferred valve for domestic and foreign oil and gas gathering and transmission pipeline system. especially for the export of oil pumps.

20211002222256 37625 - Axial Flow Check Valve
Principle analysis: Axial flow check valve is installed in the compressor or pump and other devices or pipelines to prevent the media backflow protection device. When the positive flow of media flow to the valve position. the flow is blocked. part of the kinetic energy into pressure energy. push the spool. the valve opens. As the flow and pressure of the medium in front of the valve decreases. the valve closes under the action of the spring force and the back pressure of the medium to prevent the backflow of the medium.
Axial flow check valve in the selection process. there are many factors to consider. the more critical of which are the following:

  • 1. Determine the location of the check valve used in the equipment. device or pipeline system. such as power equipment outlet. bypass system. venting system. etc.
  • 2. To determine the working conditions of the valve. the applicable media. working pressure. working temperature and environment. etc.
  • 3. Determine the nominal diameter of the pipeline connected to the valve and the connection method. such as flange. threaded or welded. etc.
  • 4. Determine the requirements of the valve fluid characteristics. allowable pressure drop. sealing grade. etc.
  • 5. Determine the installation size and size. nominal diameter. and pipeline connection and connection size. shape size or quality restrictions. etc.
  • 6. Determine the requirements of product service life.
  • 7. Determine the medium. working pressure. working temperature and environmental conditions of the pipeline transmission. and choose the material of the valve’s shell and inner parts. such as carbon steel. alloy steel or stainless acid-resistant steel. etc.

We focus on valves in standard and special materials as customer request.
Our main materials show as the follows:
Any request for other materials, please contact our machinery sales or engineering team on email.

Special Material Titanium or Titanium alloy series Titanium (Gr.2,Gr.3,Gr.5,Gr.7,Gr.12)
Nickel alloy series Ni6,Ni200,Ni201
Monel 400,Monel k500
Inconel 600/625/690/750
Incoloy 800/825/800H/800HT
Hastelloy B3/C/C4/C22/C276/G30
Zirconium alloy series Zirconium 702/703/705
Bronze alloy series Nickel aluminum bronze C95800
(Super) Duplex Steel ASTM F51/F53/F55
Other corrosion resistance Alloy 20,AISI 321,310,904L
Normal Material Carbon Steel WCB,WCC,LCB,LCC,A105N,LF2
Alloy Material (Low Temperature) LC1,LC2,LC3,LF3
Alloy Material (High Temperature) WC1,WC6,WC9,C5,C12A
Stainless Steel CA15,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M

Dimensions of Axial Flow Check Valve

20211002222219 77331 - Axial Flow Check Valve

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