Metal Seal Ball Valves

What is a metal seal ball valve?

Metal seal ball valve refers to the ball valve whose sealing pair is made of metal to metal. Metal sealed ball valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure, including particle, powder, fiber and slurry fluids.
With the further development of metal seal ball valve technology, metal seal ball valve began to occupy a place in the field of start-up steam trap, especially in supercritical and ultra supercritical units. With the improvement of steam trap working parameters, the advantages of metal seal ball valve are becoming more and more obvious.

Characteristics of metal seal ball valve

Characteristics of ball valve

Ball valve is widely used in industrial field. It has the advantages of small fluid resistance, simple structure, reliable sealing, wide application range and flexible operation. However, since the early ball valves generally used ordinary soft seal, their service temperature was limited (lower than 200), which limited the application of ball valves in thermal power plants (especially high-temperature and high-pressure drainage systems).
In recent years, with the development of ball valve technology, metal seal ball valve suitable for higher temperature has been developed, which greatly expands the application range of ball valve in thermal power plant.

Characteristics of metal seal ball valve

For the steam trap of thermal power plant, it has become an inevitable trend for the metal seal ball valve to gradually replace the traditional stop valve, which is determined by the advantages of the metal seal ball valve compared with the traditional stop valve. The imported drain ball valve is made of Stellite Alloy as the ball material and sprayed with chromium carbide or tungsten carbide coating (commonly known as rocket spraying process). It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and frequent operation. It is suitable for boiler drainage, boiler exhaust, regular exhaust and continuous exhaust, drum exhaust, superheater exhaust and drainage, soot blower isolation Desuperheating water isolation and steam turbine drainage, main steam drainage, extraction drainage, reheat drainage, primary steam isolation, secondary steam isolation and other working conditions. Metal sealed ball valve has great advantages over traditional stop valve in sealing performance, scouring resistance, noise and maintenance mode.
Taking the requirements for medium as an example, the stop valve is required to flow through pure medium without impurities, which is the main reason for the leakage of inlet drain stop valve in many power plants shortly after operation. During the installation and maintenance of the power plant, welding slag, iron oxide, metal particles and other sundries will inevitably remain in the steam pipeline. When these metal sundries pass through the stop valve, they will bring great impact and wear to the valve core of the stop valve, resulting in leakage. In serious cases, stellite alloy on the valve core and valve seat will be washed away. At this time, the valve core cannot be grinded for maintenance, Only replace it again. The metal seal ball valve has a self-cleaning function, allowing the valve to flow through the medium containing impurity particles.
China metal seal ball valves manufacturer supplies metal seal ball valve for industrial use, in kinds of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

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